Sunday, January 31, 2010

"Fiercely Real" Plus Size Competition!

"I've been trying to expand the definition of beauty through my B.I.O. (that's Beauty Inside & Out) campaign. As part of the campaign I wanted to do a plus-sized model search – ya know, represent the REAL girls. I got to thinking and since I've gotten so many requests to do a Top Model for teens, I figured I'd put the two ideas together here on! This is the first ever Plus-Sized Teen Model Search! But “plus-sized” models sounds so old fashioned… so I’m changing the term “Plus-Sized” and making it "Fiercely Real"! I will pick the winner ON STAGE on The Tyra Show. Yep, I want to see all ya’ll full-figured teen girls who can rock that H2T pose, take a great picture and strut their booty down the runway! Let’s show all those magazines, TV shows, blogs, designers and CRITICS (lots of them around!) that REAL girls are fierce too." - Tyra Banks

I told my mom about this competition and she wants me to join, I'm not fierce! I can't smize (smile with my eyes)! But what the hell, I'll practice with you guys ...


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I first thought this was good, BUT IT WASN'T FIERCELY REAL SOO....

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I think this works better ... what do you think?

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I had a little trouble with this one, my eye wouldn't stop twitching .. awkward ~0~

I'm definitely going to win.

I went shopping today!

You know what that means ... new outfit posts this week! I bought 3 shirts and 2 pairs of jeans at Rainbow! I'll even tell you how much my total was, it was $95.52, isn't that amazing!?! Everything was from $14.99-$24.99. The fabric is probably not the best, but I actually have new clothes, I'm soo excited.

The best part is that the store is right down the block from my house, like 10 minutes away so WIN! So, I'll probably be shopping there a lot more. I just wanted to give you an update :)

Sorry for not posting anything but this today, I had a concert in the city to perform at so that took up basically most of my day. I'll update more this week, promiseeee <333 ;)

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Junior Prom?

I'm a junior this year and all my friends are starting to look at their Jr. Prom dresses. I've been thinking about not going cause seriously, I've been having trouble finding a dress. I haven't gone out and checked out dresses, but I looked online and honestly, it's making me not want to go even more now.

Jr. prom dresses consist of (at least at my school) dresses that you would wear to someone else's sweet sixteen, but a step up, a little more 'pzazz' though. People have mentioned stores such as Sydney's Closet and Pacific Plex. After looking at these two sites, they were really similar, with styles such as these:

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They aren't technically "ugly" persay, just not my style. I mean, grant it, I don't wanna be wearing a skimpy dress where all you can see is my fat (lol), but I don't want to be covered up so much that I'm forgotten about. Also, my whole group of friends are gorgeous and skinny and I want to look just as good as them or better.

Basically, there are two problems with these dresses. They aren't flattering (in my opinion) and are overpriced. I am going to quote my mom what she says when I asked her to buy my sweet sixteen dress last year "I'm not going to pay all of my money on a dress you will wear once."

I'm searching for better sites, wish me luck on my journey or help meeee!

Wet Seal Plus Review

Did you know that Wet Seal has a plus size line? NOW YOU DO. All of us are going crazy about how nice Faith 21 is (although I'm not that big of a fan), but more stores are on this plus size train than we thought! Wet Seal has been plus size since what seems like for a really long time and their clothes are pretty cute! Their sizes also go up to SIZE 28, 4X! Can you say kudos to Wet Seal?! Seriously, that's so good for them, I'm proud. Similar to Faith 21, everything is very cheap!

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Jeans on Left: $34.50, Light Destroyed Skinny Jean
Jeans on Right:
$29.50, Show Stopper Skinny Jean (available in 3 colors)
Leather Jacket on Top:
$42.50, Faux Leather Ruffle Jacket (available in 2 colors)
Pea Coat on Bottom:
$36.50, Houndstooth Coat (available in 3 designs)
Red Plaid on Top:
$22.50, Boyfriend Plaid Top (available in 4 colors)
Blue Plaid on Bottom:
$18.99, Tie Front Plaid Tunic

I mean, isn't that just adorable? And my wishlist, which adds up to about $350 worth of stuff has 20 items in it, I mean come on. For Torrid, I'd buy like 5 shirts and a pair of jeans for that price.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Torrid Spring Lookbook Review

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Do I really need to explain why I don't like this? Honestly I really can't. When I look at these pictures I'm simply ... speechless. In a bad way.
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I don't really like this one either, I think the picture on the right is cute. Picture wise, but I wouldn't wear that outfit. I just wouldn't, :/.
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I didn't really think the corset was necessary for this picture, the plaid is cute (I wouldn't buy it), but it's still ok.
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I honestly and sincerely HATE this model. She makes the outfit look so bad. No offense to her, but seriously, the pictures are just unflattering.
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"Shoes: Really?" - my mom. She looked at the collection with me just before and had the same reaction. I just don't get it, Torrid.
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Same thing as the other five pictures, it's just not flattering. The only thing I want are the boots and they're not worth $62.

Here's the thing, Torrid. We are in/coming out of a recession. How do you expect us to spend all of our money on your clothes, especially when they are trashy? After my jean disaster, I NEVER want to look at your clothes again. I used to be such a fan, I checked the site religiously at least twice a day ... not even kidding. I am simply disappointed, either you lower your prices cause I wouldn't even take money from you guys to wear your clothes or you legit just start over. What happened to my favorite store ever? :(

Torrid dropped the ball on their Spring Lookbook 2010.

Same/New Outfit

Now, you must have heard about the tragedy of January 28th, it was like D day or something for me, I can't even explain. I know I'm not the only one who repeats outfits the next day, now I only do this on two occasions: if the day before no one technically saw me or if no one is going to see me the next day who saw me the day before. Yesterday all I had was two rehearsals where only school people saw me. Today, I am going out with my mom for dinner then going to a show at her school where she teaches. Two different groups of people, two different days - 1 outfit.

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Top/Cardigan: $26; (Fashion To Figure) . The website hasn't launched yet, but hopefully there is a store nearest you. The outfits are cheap and are so much cuter than what Torrid has!
Skirt: 30; Source of Wisdom Grey Tattered Denim Miniskirt (Torrid). See how there is the rips on the bottom? I thought that was part of the look, but no. I just picked out a cruddy pair, MY LUCK.
Leggings: From HSN, however they are out of stock right now ... but you can go here to view other leggings they have.
Boots: Same fuggs as the past three days, I should wear my tan boots sometime soon.



Thursday, January 28, 2010

Oooh, sequinzz.

So today, I LOVED my outfit. And oh my god, it wasn't all Torrid for once! Now although today started out adorable (with my outfit), it ended as a DISASTER. Complete and utter disaster, like I'm still in shock.

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Top/Cardigan: $26; (Fashion To Figure) . The website hasn't launched yet, but hopefully there is a store nearest you. The outfits are cheap and are so much cuter than what Torrid has!
Jeans: $52; See Thru Soul Grey Marilyn Skinny Jean Regular (Torrid). Those aren't the exact pants, I got them last Christmas, but they are very similar.
Boots: Same fuggs as the past two days, I WANT COWGIRL BOOTS.

So, blah blah blah my day goes by. Since I only went to school for 2 hours for pit and went to rehearsal, I was going to wear this outfit tomorrow at this thing at my mom's school cause I liked my outfit and only wore it a little bit. Now, my jeans have been tearing a little and I sewed them back together, no big deal. BUT THEN, I GO TO REHEARSAL at 7 and I look at my pants and THERE AND BEHOLD ... A HUMONGOUS RIP IN MY JEANS. "No, not my jeans ... WAH!" I honestly love those jeans and I never get jeans, I'd rather get shirts, I love them so much more. But so I only have that pair and the ones I wore yesterday which are baggy and ugly. So I went through a 2 and a half hour rehearsal with ripped pants looking like THIS:

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Right: Detail on the Shirt/Cardigan. Left: CUT

Now seriously, how bad is that? I'm dying. So tomorrow when I wear the shirt again, I'm probably just going to wear leggings, fail.

Note: I made a twitter to try and reach out to more people, follow me on "fashiondatfits" ... SOMEONE TOOK FASHIONTHATFITS and they don't even use it! Btw, this is way too long of a blog.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Whenever I'm not in the mood to do anything, I normally just jump into a plaid shirt and slide on a pair of jeans and run out the door. Today I had a APUS Midterm (and failed miserably), so it was a slow day, boring outfit. Sorry for the blurriness and the hair, I took it after I got home at like 9pm, so I'm kind of a mess by then.

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Top: $38; Red White and Black Flannel Cinched Sleeve Shirt (Torrid)
Undershirt: $20; Black Glitter Seamless Cami (Torrid)
Jeans: $19.99; (Kohl's) They are way too baggy, I got a size 20W thinking that 'W' meant plus size (which it does), but it's like plus plus.
Boots: $40; Costco. Same shoes as yesterday, unable to be seen though.

First Outfit for Blog

So in lieu of my new blog, I decided to wear something cute (or so I thought so). I understand that the lighting is extremely off, the flash wouldn't go off and I had to jet so just deal as I go, it'll get better.

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Top: $38; Torrid, it's no longer on the website, but in a little bit, it'll probably go on clearance. I'll try and find it once it goes up.
Undershirt: $20; White Bow - Front Cami (Torrid), it's on clearance.
Skirt: $30; Rinse Wash Denim Miniskirt (Torrid), on clearance as well.
Leggings: From HSN, however they are out of stock right now ... but you can go here to view other leggings they have.
Boots: $40; Fake Ugg boots from Costco.

First Post!

Hey guys, I'm Carly (the owner of this blog). Keeping it short and sweet, I am here to just to help find all girls like myself find fashion that actually fits and looks well on us plus size girls!

If any of you guys have questions/comments/concerns, just hit me up on my email which is :)