Monday, September 27, 2010

Cardigan Craziness: Monday

I've been thinking about what to post on here, especially since I haven't been that well of a blogger. Sorry, again, for the lack of posts. So, I got bored and decided I was going to wear cardigans all week - 5 days of school, 5 cardigans. I just wanted to do it to show how versatile they really are and how they really are the best thing everrrr! Hahaha, okay so today is Monday. This shirt, I bought at Marshalls (where else?) for 15 bucks. The capris were 20 bucks, also from Marshall's. My cardigan I got like two years ago at Torrid, so about 35 bucks, I'm assuming.

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Now, I really like this outfit because it's actually really simple to do. It's too cold to wear a sleeveless tank with ruffles, especially since I don't like showing my pale arms, so putting a cardigan on makes it available for other seasons as well as makes me feel comfortable.
Tank: Chiffon Flutter Ruffles Top; $17.80 (Faith 21)
Ivory Lace-Trimmed Cropped Cardigan; $34.00 (Torrid)
Capris: Roll Cuff Capri; $21.99 (Wet Seal)

^^Note: I can't find the exacts, but I'm giving you something. Incase you can't see in the picture, the cardigan has a couple of little ruffles, so that's why I put it with the tank. :)
So yeah, that's for today. Hope you enjoy it! If the cardigan wasn't from Torrid, I bet my outfit would have been like under 60 bucks! Boo torrid ;) Lol, jk, but the Torrid cardigans last me forever, never had a problem with them. Enjoy! See ya tomorrow!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

City Chic Tribal Lookbook

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So here are the photos from City Chic's new lookbook, I like the pieces but not the looks. I feel like I'm in the middle of Ke$ha's "Your Love is My Drug" music video. The headpiece that is worn in basically every picture is cool, but I could never see myself wearing that, unless it was Halloween or something. I just wish there was a different kind of look so I could actually see the outfits better. But the maxi dress on the top right is really cute. All outfits are cute, I just wish they were done differently.
I don't know, I mean it's really creative and I give them credit. The shots look like they could be on ANTM, but I just don't like them. I like looks that go with the outfits. I can't see someone in a maxi dress standing in the middle of a wheel or whatever. When I looked at the tribal pieces by themselves, I actually liked them. They didn't seem tribal at all! They were regular, adorable, regular City Chic clothes that I love and wish I had enough money to pay for! So, please, can someone just make a regular lookbook once? I guess that takes away creativity or something, but I wouldn't mind something not crazy.

Monday, September 6, 2010

OOTD: Win from Marshall's!

So, I bought this outfit from Marshall's and wore it a couple days ago. Look's like it was way more than $35 bucks, but it wasn't! Just so you know, I fixed my hair up before I went out, so you could see the design more. I was just in a rush to get out and took a couple quick pics ;)

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I just wanted to show the design, hence the top two pictures. The bottom is a full body shot. Since the shirt is more like a tunic, it looks like I'm not wearing pants when I wear shorts and I feel weird, hahah. So I matched it with capris.
Shirt: Marshall's, $14.99
Capris: Marshall's, $19.99
I saw the same brand of jeans from Torrid and they were around 40 bucks. So, trust me, Marshall's is the way to go! I'll try to find a similar outfit so you guys can copy this. :)

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From left to right:
Top row: Cream Studded-Trim Tank Top; $38.00, Torrid
Bead Halter Top; $18.99, Wet Seal
Wooden Beaded Trim Top; $19.80, Faith 21
Bottom row: Roll Cuff Capri; $21.99, Wet Seal
Beaded Slub Top; $17.90, Faith 21
Buttoned Pocket Denim Capris; $19.80, Faith 21

Personally, I would choose the Roll Cuff Capri and the Beaded Slub Top. Those are the most similar to mine. I love the design on it and I like the color, it's so rich. And I like the banded bottom, obviously haha. I'm not a fan of the Torrid one, I just wanted to post one because that's one of the stores where most people would try to find this shirt. The Wet Seal one is cute, it just wasn't my favorite. And I threw in the Wooden Beaded Trim Top for all you people who love to wear black :) If you go to the Faith 21 website, they have a lot of shirts like this, all for a perfect price! I'd just watch out though, Forever 21 stuff has like nothing to it, hence the price. ;) Hope this post helped!
Tomorrow is my first day of school, so I hope you'll like my outfit posts and the lines under my eyes in the pictures, ha!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

OOTD: September 4, 2010

Although I have work today 12-8, I decided that I'd go to get Starbucks with my mom and as you guys can tell, I was tired and completely shot from the past two days. It was before I decided that I would just put my hair up in a messy bun and call it a day, haha.

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Shirt: Torrid, what else? I tried to find something similar, which I couldn't on the site. I wear this shirt all the time because I love the banded bottom. I don't like when stuff sticks to my stomach and it just hangs there; my mom hates the banded bottoms because she thinks her butt is too big, but if you're normal in that area, it's a great fit. This is the closest I could find, completely different, but it has a banded bottom which is a plus!
Shorts: Marshall's, Source of Wisdom was the brand. I got the jeans for $14.99; going on the Torrid website (which would be the only other place I'd find those shorts that I know of), it is the same price. But that's with it being on clearance and their annual 50% off clearance sale. This is the closest I could find.

Friday, September 3, 2010

With school almost beginning..

Just want to stop by and let you understand how hectic it's been. I just got back from my brother's college orientation, I'm still working my butt off. But, luckily school is about to begin and you know what that means! SHOPPING FOR CLOTHES.

Because I'm a "working girl," I am using all the money I've gotten from my birthday (which was the 24th of August), which isn't much, so when I get clothes, I'm sure the post'll be great. I feel like I can't really update without new clothes because I wear basically the same thing everyday. However, with school beginning, I will, hopefully, be wearing something different everyday ;)

On our way home from Siena (Albany area), there was a Marshall's and being that my mom and I are obsessed with Marshall's, we stopped by and the women's dept. was actually pitiful, as usual. Tricked ya there ;) But I found a cute pair of jeans and a shirt. And of course, the only shirt I got had the "juniors plus" sticker on it. So, I went into the Junior's dept. and scoped out some stuff and although I didn't get anything, I somehow fit my fat ass into the XL. I'm like a size 20 and the XL was alright on my stomach area, but not on my arms. I hate my fat arms.

Anyways, I'm seeing Wicked next Sunday in the city for my birthday. I can't wait, seriously. I'm going to absolutely melt, GET IT? ahahhahahahha yayyyayayaya so cleverrrrr. Incase you don't know, Wicked is like what happened before The Wizard of Oz, like with the witches. I think, ha. I am too scared to google the plot because I don't want to find out the ending. Anyways, hope to be catching up with you guys soon. Miss you <3