Wednesday, January 27, 2010

First Outfit for Blog

So in lieu of my new blog, I decided to wear something cute (or so I thought so). I understand that the lighting is extremely off, the flash wouldn't go off and I had to jet so just deal as I go, it'll get better.

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Top: $38; Torrid, it's no longer on the website, but in a little bit, it'll probably go on clearance. I'll try and find it once it goes up.
Undershirt: $20; White Bow - Front Cami (Torrid), it's on clearance.
Skirt: $30; Rinse Wash Denim Miniskirt (Torrid), on clearance as well.
Leggings: From HSN, however they are out of stock right now ... but you can go here to view other leggings they have.
Boots: $40; Fake Ugg boots from Costco.