Thursday, January 28, 2010

Oooh, sequinzz.

So today, I LOVED my outfit. And oh my god, it wasn't all Torrid for once! Now although today started out adorable (with my outfit), it ended as a DISASTER. Complete and utter disaster, like I'm still in shock.

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Top/Cardigan: $26; (Fashion To Figure) . The website hasn't launched yet, but hopefully there is a store nearest you. The outfits are cheap and are so much cuter than what Torrid has!
Jeans: $52; See Thru Soul Grey Marilyn Skinny Jean Regular (Torrid). Those aren't the exact pants, I got them last Christmas, but they are very similar.
Boots: Same fuggs as the past two days, I WANT COWGIRL BOOTS.

So, blah blah blah my day goes by. Since I only went to school for 2 hours for pit and went to rehearsal, I was going to wear this outfit tomorrow at this thing at my mom's school cause I liked my outfit and only wore it a little bit. Now, my jeans have been tearing a little and I sewed them back together, no big deal. BUT THEN, I GO TO REHEARSAL at 7 and I look at my pants and THERE AND BEHOLD ... A HUMONGOUS RIP IN MY JEANS. "No, not my jeans ... WAH!" I honestly love those jeans and I never get jeans, I'd rather get shirts, I love them so much more. But so I only have that pair and the ones I wore yesterday which are baggy and ugly. So I went through a 2 and a half hour rehearsal with ripped pants looking like THIS:

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Right: Detail on the Shirt/Cardigan. Left: CUT

Now seriously, how bad is that? I'm dying. So tomorrow when I wear the shirt again, I'm probably just going to wear leggings, fail.

Note: I made a twitter to try and reach out to more people, follow me on "fashiondatfits" ... SOMEONE TOOK FASHIONTHATFITS and they don't even use it! Btw, this is way too long of a blog.


Carly said...

Left: Detail on the shirt.
Right: CUT

I'm 16, still don't know my rights and lefts.

ShaNic Design said...

I've had the same problem before, with pants.

I always find a pair that fit just right and then they get worn and ripped.

Major suckage.

Carly said...

Seriously, so not fair! It brought tears to my lil' heart. :(