Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Whenever I'm not in the mood to do anything, I normally just jump into a plaid shirt and slide on a pair of jeans and run out the door. Today I had a APUS Midterm (and failed miserably), so it was a slow day, boring outfit. Sorry for the blurriness and the hair, I took it after I got home at like 9pm, so I'm kind of a mess by then.

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Top: $38; Red White and Black Flannel Cinched Sleeve Shirt (Torrid)
Undershirt: $20; Black Glitter Seamless Cami (Torrid)
Jeans: $19.99; (Kohl's) They are way too baggy, I got a size 20W thinking that 'W' meant plus size (which it does), but it's like plus plus.
Boots: $40; Costco. Same shoes as yesterday, unable to be seen though.