Friday, January 29, 2010

Same/New Outfit

Now, you must have heard about the tragedy of January 28th, it was like D day or something for me, I can't even explain. I know I'm not the only one who repeats outfits the next day, now I only do this on two occasions: if the day before no one technically saw me or if no one is going to see me the next day who saw me the day before. Yesterday all I had was two rehearsals where only school people saw me. Today, I am going out with my mom for dinner then going to a show at her school where she teaches. Two different groups of people, two different days - 1 outfit.

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Top/Cardigan: $26; (Fashion To Figure) . The website hasn't launched yet, but hopefully there is a store nearest you. The outfits are cheap and are so much cuter than what Torrid has!
Skirt: 30; Source of Wisdom Grey Tattered Denim Miniskirt (Torrid). See how there is the rips on the bottom? I thought that was part of the look, but no. I just picked out a cruddy pair, MY LUCK.
Leggings: From HSN, however they are out of stock right now ... but you can go here to view other leggings they have.
Boots: Same fuggs as the past three days, I should wear my tan boots sometime soon.