Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Faith 21's Birthday!

I know that I'm kind of late on this, but I saw that recently, it was Faith 21's birthday. It had been a year since they started their line and I'm not gonna lie, I love the stuff on their site. I am ANTICIPATING the moment until they open up Faith in one of the malls nearby my house. They opened one up in Nassau county, but that's way too far to make my mom drive out so I can get clothes.

But I'm waiting, ughhh. I love Faith so much, you don't even understand. The clothing there has just gotten better and better, I see myself adding basically everything on the page to my wish list, then frowning at the sight of how many items are in my wish list and how my paycheck will probably only cover 2 out of the everything I want ;).

Regardless, Happy Belated Birthday, Faith. I love you, keep the work coming. AND ADD A 4X.

Miss you all, waiting for my mom to fix my computer, ugh.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Update :)

So my dreaded week has officially ENDED. I got all my AP's out of the way, I finished my competition for music, and the Junior Prom has gone by. It's all done, YES!!!

You don't understand how thrilled I am right now, can't even explain. Sorry for the lack of updating, I've been like crazy sick. Yes, SICK. I was dying during my AP's, so bad in fact that I had a garbage can next to me and a roll of paper towels so I can blow my nose during my economics test. Then I almost passed out on stage at competition on Friday. Oh, and for Junior Prom .. I had no voice. And on top of that, I have a chorus concert tomorrow.

My mom has made me bed ridden for now, hoping that I might be alive and able to do something tomorrow. Then, my first real day of work is tomorrow, I hope it goes well. I need my voice, how am I supposed to take your order without a voice? I can see it now, me straining my voice, trying to get the words "Welcome to McDonald's, can I take your order?" out of my mouth and their response, "WHAT?" because I am still not audible. But I am working 19 hours this week, so I will be getting around $140+ bucks after this week, not adding the 2 hours of training from last week ;)

But yeah, not the best week I've had. Junior Prom was horrible, I was sick the whole time, couldn't talk, but I looked HOT. I am going to show pictures later, I gotta keep my readers coming back for more! But here's a hint, although I felt like shit .. I didn't look like it. And no one knew I was sick until I opened my mouth and nothing came out.

And between me and you, I looked better than my friends, all of who are like size 2's and 4's. SO WIN FOR THE PLUS SIZED GIRL :)

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Shoe Problem - Jr. Prom Style

So, you all know that I always get screwed over in some way. Dress shopping, jeans ripping, etc. Just weird stuff, ahaha.

So over the course of the week, I have been looking for the shoes I showed you in the previous post. So my mom and I went to Marshall's, TJ Maxx, etc. But in the end, none of the shoes had them, either in the wrong color, the wrong size. And I didn't feel like paying the difference of the shoes at Macy's.

So we went to Famous Footwear and they didn't have my shoes. But they had this Fergie pair, which I fell in love with. I actually like it a lot more than the Paris Hilton ones because it's like sexy. My dress is black, so I realized I wanted something a little more stand-outish. There was this other pair, that were similar to the PH ones, but with a ruffle on it. They were so adorable, but when I tried them on, they looked too elegant, like and I realized that's how the others would look.
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Here they are, you can find them here. I got them for the same price as the Paris Hilton ones, $40. They are really good, but the only problem is that the person who tried the shoes on, broke it in a little bit the wrong way and it annoys me, a lot. But I'll get over it once I dance and stuff ;).

But yeah, that's all for now. Hope you like them!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

So my internet is down..

This sucks. A lot.
My brother claims I kicked the cord off of my computer .. but that's why his wireless laptop can get a signal, but my computer can't. Makes no sense.

Anywho, I am at the library studying for my AP test tomorrow; I'm taking a break, don't worry. ;) But so yeah, I've actually been taking pictures of outfits and really have wanted to update. I am trying to get it fixed as soon as possible. There are so many important dates coming up right now, Junior Prom is next Friday!

But that's all for now, I'm pretty busy until about May 21st, aahahha. I need my life back again, seriously. But I haven't forgotten about you guys, promise. I have so many things to show you, like legit. Miss you guys <3

Wish me luck on my tests, love you guys. :)))