Wednesday, October 20, 2010

My camera broke..

Excuses after excuses, I dropped my phone in the sink because I went to Albany with my mom and I put it on the little table in the bathroom where the sink is and when i pressed the 10 second photo framing so I could get into position to take a picture FOR YOU GUYS, i tapped it over and dropped it into the sink (and I was too stupid to turn off the water because I had just finished brushing my teeth and am completely stupid). But I've managed, I stole my mom's camera ;)

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This was from Saturday. It was actually warm outside, Torrid Cardigan, Torrid Cami, Marshall's Shorts.
Cami: $24
Cardigan: $38
Shorts: $20

Since I can't find anything similar, I'll just give you look alikes. $16.80 for the cami, $30.80 for the cardigan, and $24.98 for the shorts. Note: There is a 30% sale going on at Torrid, hence the weird prices. I'll update tmrw. I would post my outfit for today, but I stayed home sick. See ya guys laterrr xoooxoxoxo