Tuesday, June 28, 2011

School is over

So I have officially have no excuse not to post. I, actually, can still come up with many excuses; but, I'll try not to and just start posting a lot. I owe it to my 16 followers, ahaha. Okay, leggo!

This year was filled with many great outfit days, to which I will start posting photos of. I had Senior Banquet, Prom, After-Prom, Grad Parties, and just regular days when I looked really good. Yeah, I'm being full of myself, but I don't care ;)

Okay, to start it off, I'll post a picture from my musical's cast party. I was really tired, but whatever; no judging!

I got the shirt from Torrid. I never saw it on the website and I didn't go shopping at my regular store. I was visiting my brother in Albany and my mom and I went to the mall. The shirt was on clearance and it is literally my favorite shirt ever. It's adorable! I wish it was online so I could show you, but it seems like really old. It didn't even have the new tags on it. You know how the colors are for certain sizes? The colors were completely different, so I'm just guessing that it was a really old shirt, haha.

Okay, I have more to post. But that's enough for now. Because of this find, I've decided to look at clearance more often. Not only did I get that shirt for like 25 bucks, but it's probably the best material Torrid ever had and nothing has fallen off it yet (knock on wood)! Okay, byeee! lol <3