Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Jeans are not my friends, I guess

So, I made a post a couple months ago about how my Torrid pants completely ripped, like completely. Hahaha. Guess what happened today?

I was sitting at the vet's office with my puppy and I went to get up and a nail was sticking out from the chair and now my butt has a hole in it, ahahha. It's minimal, but it still annoys me. And these were my favorite pair of jeans, they were from Rainbow, $20.

But I'm actually kind of happy, cause that means I need to go shopping because my other Rainbow pair of jeans are worn out cause they're not as strong as a normal pair, but for the price and the look, I'm thrilled. :)

But I got an email from Alloy, explaining how they have a HUGE sale on their clearance items. I want so many of them, I think I might ask my mom to check out the site, just cause I really like their clothes. I've never ordered from them, so my mom might complain. I WISH I HAD MONEY/CREDIT CARD.

That's all for today, bye <3

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Shoe Breakthrough ;)

So, I have step one complete in my Jr. Prom, I found the dress. Now, hair, makeup, shoes, mani/pedis; so much to do, not enough time! Luckily, I came through to a 'shoe breakthrough,' oh! I knew you guys would like my title, ahhaha.

Here is the shoe:
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How cute?! Ahhhhh! But here's the problem, it's MAD expensive. At Macy's, it's $89, here's the Macy's site. But here's the win, I've seen this pair of shoes at both TJ Maxx and Marshalls, for the price of $50! But aren't these simply adorable? It's so simple, but the bow just adds so much. I NEED THEM.

I'm going to Marshalls tomorrow to try and get a pair or find a store with it in my size 'cause my mom said they only had a silver 11 there. Oh, btw there are a lot of different colors it comes in. But you guys should check out the Paris Hilton line, her shoes are really really cute, I wish I was rich enough to get all ;)

Friday, April 23, 2010

Outfit :)

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I didn't go out tonight, but I posted a group of photos from about two weeks ago. I went bowling with a couple of my friends and here are some pictures. I wore a really old Torrid top, I got it about 2 years ago. It sometimes pops up on clearance, in a light blue color. I would wear it and take a picture to show you it without my friends, but I went to the city and this guy grabbed onto my shirt and ripped it. SOME RANDOM GUY. So I don't know what I'm going to do, it was really cute. :/

And I understand it isn't thrown together all that well, I was just working quickly. I wanted to update today :) But I am gonna beg my mom to go shopping, like I seriously need shorts. I have one pair of shorts and ugh, they're short. I don't want like booty pants. Don't forget to comment!

Oh and I wore a black tank under it. :)

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Just got my Prom dress today!

..and Dream Diva told me it would take 10 work days to ship from Australia to New York! I ordered it on Sunday, it came on Thursday. I'm so happy, you don't even understand. I got home and automatically tried it on, it looks just like it in the picture, except even cuter!

The one warning I have is that the material that is tight around the chest, the sparkly section of it, it is STRETCHY. I was so nervous about ordering a 22, which is a 20 in US sizes. I was having trouble with dresses at the bridal store fitting in a 20, but I guess that was just cause the sizing can be off on some dresses.

But it fits very well, it isn't tight at all, nor is it that loose. It is a little loose, but I was wearing a shirt that like smooshed the twins, so they weren't as big as normal. :P But I'm very excited now, I really was nervous about the fit.

Now knowing the product and site, I would tell people to maybe order a size down, just because it is stretchy. So, might as well have it fit the right way than have it loose. :) Btw, if you forgot, this was my dress.

Monday, April 19, 2010

the never-ending search for jr. prom

Now, I've been trying to get myself a dress for basically, ever. On Saturday, my mom and I went on a major search for a dress. I went to Estelle's, this place on Long Island which is completely humongus and have plus sized dresses and everything. Now, I tried on a couple of pretty cute ones and here's my first rule, DO NOT WEAR DRESSES THAT ARE TIGHT AROUND THE WAIST. I would have taken a picture to show you what a dress looks like tight around the stomach, but I couldn't even look at myself. It only accentuates your stomach even more and we chubz don't want that, do we?

Now, my Sweet 16 dress last year was my favorite dress ever. It was an eggplant purple that was tight around the chest, with a little cross over and it fell under. It was so pretty. I just found a picture. It has my mom in it, sorry. But so yeah, it covered my stomach well and looked terrific!

So, of course I wanted a dress similar to that for my prom, so I went on the hunt. And they had nothing similar. We then gave up for the day and found another store in Port Jeff, that didn't work out well, they had no short dresses in my size. You had to order it and my prom is in a month and it takes 6-8 weeks to deliver. We then went to David's Bridal where I tried on a couple of dresses and found one similar to my Sweet 16, but I wasn't completely in love with it.

It was a light sky blue with the same kind of way, the tight chest and a dropped bottom, but on the chest, there was a little design. But I wasn't like thrilled with it, so I had a fit in the middle of the store and left. I really needed a dress though and my mom was getting annoyed with me, so I went onto Dream Diva, an australian line, just cause I liked one of the dresses.

This post is so long. But then I called my mom upstairs and we started having a little fun, photoshopping my face onto dresses on different sites and I basically fell in love with one of them. I actually posted it my junior prom dress post before. Hahahaha, it looks good with my hair, ahahahhaahah. But yeah, my date thought it was a "me" kind of dress.
My favorite part is that it has the sparkles on the chest, the satin falling part which is similar to my sweet 16. So I'm excited. :)


So, I know, haven't been signing on. But I had allstate last Friday and my life was consumed around that. It's over now though, so I might start updating more.
No, I WILL start updating more.

I haven't got new clothes though, so I can't really do many outfit posts, but I really need to go shopping, so I'll keep you in the know.

That's all for now, bye! :)
I got my jr prom dress though, so I'm going to write a post about it right now. :))))