Wednesday, August 11, 2010

I'm not dead.

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Just want to let you know I'm alive. I got a fever blister and am not taking any pictures because although you can't see it from far away, it'll still annoy me if I post a picture :)
This picture above is me from my senior pictures, I'LL SHOW YOU THOSE SOON. :) They all look good, except for the stupid ones that I have to put in the yearbook, obviously.

Be back soonnn, herpsss is outta controlll!
looollllololollo i'm kidding around.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

OOTD: Blue or Black?

Now, I went shopping about two months ago at MARSHALL'S. I said it, Marshall's, and picked up some pretty cute stuff. I first found this shirt in black, LOVED IT. Of course I loved it in black, it's my color, black is every girl's best friend. However, as I continued skimming, I realized it was also there in a turquoise color, a very pretty one at that. Not being able to choose, I got both, I mean they were $14.99, I could get it, right?

Now, I took a picture with both before going out. White shorts that are a hundred years old, I just realized now that you can't view where the link are, I'll make them a different color for you too. Get either the White Tina Short or the White Distressed Denim Short, both from Torrid. The shirts I randomly got at Marshall's; I can't find the shirt online, but the plus sized dept. at Marshall's is very limited in style. I was in Maryland when I got these two shirts.

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Can you tell which shirt I liked better? Which shirt do you think I went out in? You guessed it, the black! You can tell through my pose, everything indicates I like it better. I know, my hair is a wreck, it always is. I know, I needed some color in my wardrobe and went out, buying the blue. It's still gorgeous, I just don't feel as comfortable in it. Forgot to take my confidence pills today, ha. Anyways, I'm gonna try and go out with it on another day, maybe will actually wear my hair nice too!

I hope you guys understand, I've kind of lost patience to do my hair now, it's like not worth it anymore, hahaha. Anyways, what do you like better? Blue or black?

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Outfit post :)

Slowly but surely, I'm coming back.
So, on my day off, I went in my pool then went to my friend's house before going to a Met game. I had to run home to get my charger for my cell phone and decided to take a picture of my outfit. I know, my hair looks gorgeous, it was post pool ;)

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They are the same white worn out shorts that I've had since ninth grade, if you were to buy a pair, I'd choose either the White Distressed Denim Short or the White Tina Short (this one is on clearance ;D) And as for the top, I got it last year and it isn't on the site. As we all know, this was during my Torrid shopping spree, cause it was basically the only store I knew about for a while. Black Crocheted Lace Neck Top is the closest to what it is, but without the band on the bottom. I like the band on the bottom, it hugs your figure :) But as most fat girls, I hate having my arms sticking out, so I don't wear it that much, although it's adorable. Another post coming for tomorrow! :) I miss comments!