Saturday, January 30, 2010

Junior Prom?

I'm a junior this year and all my friends are starting to look at their Jr. Prom dresses. I've been thinking about not going cause seriously, I've been having trouble finding a dress. I haven't gone out and checked out dresses, but I looked online and honestly, it's making me not want to go even more now.

Jr. prom dresses consist of (at least at my school) dresses that you would wear to someone else's sweet sixteen, but a step up, a little more 'pzazz' though. People have mentioned stores such as Sydney's Closet and Pacific Plex. After looking at these two sites, they were really similar, with styles such as these:

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They aren't technically "ugly" persay, just not my style. I mean, grant it, I don't wanna be wearing a skimpy dress where all you can see is my fat (lol), but I don't want to be covered up so much that I'm forgotten about. Also, my whole group of friends are gorgeous and skinny and I want to look just as good as them or better.

Basically, there are two problems with these dresses. They aren't flattering (in my opinion) and are overpriced. I am going to quote my mom what she says when I asked her to buy my sweet sixteen dress last year "I'm not going to pay all of my money on a dress you will wear once."

I'm searching for better sites, wish me luck on my journey or help meeee!


Sooze said...

when i went to junior prom i thought the same thing looking at magazines, but its better to actually find stores around you,depending on how far your willing to drive, and actually go look. I got my dress from davids bridal and it was gorgeous,I was surprised.

Anonymous said...

Try Macys they have some cute juniors plus dresses. Nordstrom usually has good evening stuff. I got my dress from Torrid in the clearance rack you just have to hunt!

Lodi said...

here in germany, when I had my graduation ball it was excactly the same!

In stores there were no dresses that could keep up with the dresses of my skinny friends and I really didn't want to go there.

But my mom was the one who said: "girl, you get a made-to-measure dress, you go to this ball" lol!
But my dress looks kinda like the ones in the middle, but so long that it had a train!