Friday, March 26, 2010


It's true. Yours truly is finally going shopping again, thank heavens. The only thing is that I have to go to like Zoomba or something with my mom, some workout class. No big deal, but yeah. As for lack of updates, I've been really sick and haven't been allowed on the computer. I'm sneaking on it right now cause I am stuck at home, sick. :(

But I am in desperate need for shorts, capris .. that sort of clothes. I want to go to Queens and look at the Faith 21 there, but it's like 45 minutes away for clothes and I know my mom won't drive me for that. But ahh, I want their clothes soo bad!

I have off this whole week though for Spring Break, so I will try and get out with friends - take pictures, all that jazz for your guys. So I am going to go shopping this week and look for a junior prom dress this week, lots of big stuff for you guys!

AND MAYBE I WILL GET A LITTLE TAN THIS WEEK. I'm as pale as a ghost, can't take it no more. But that's all for now, peaceeeee! Happy Friddayyy

Monday, March 22, 2010

Junyahh Prom!

After searching for all those plus sized prom dreses, I decided that I should try and start to look for jr. prom .. WAH! I'm nervous, I wanna look grrreat, I can't let my readers down!

I quickly grabbed some dresses, and here they are:

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1. $298.00, Short Print Dresses by Nika
(eDressMe) - available in 1 color, sizes 0-30

2. $62.99, Bubble Hem Cocktail Formal
(Go Jane) - available in 7 colors, sizes 0-18

3. $59.99, Bubble Pleated Bow Formal
(Go Jane) - available in 8 colors, sizes 0-18

4. $97.43, Sequined Short Party Dress
(Dream Diva) - available in 1 color, sizes 14-24

5. Jen's Fashion Plus
6. $78.99, Jewel Bow Polka Dot Formal
(Go Jane) - available in 4 colors, sizes 0-18

7. $114.26, Beaded Bust Panel Baby Doll Party Dress
(Dream Diva) - available in 3 colors, sizes 14-24

8. $75.99, Satin Rhinestone Dress
(Go Jane) - available in 11 colors, sizes 0-18

9. $198.00, Pink Print Dresses by Nika
(eDressMe) - available in 1 color, sizes 0-30

Here's the easy thing about finding a junior prom dress, it's like a dress you would wear to someone's sweet sixteen, except a little nicer. So, you can basically shop anywhere and find a nice dress, it's not as much of a big deal as prom.

My rules are the same with prom, just look hot! Get your hair did nice and put on that makeup, show people that we are fat, but freakinggg gawwwgeousss!


Okay, honestly. It's been too long. But, I'm back. And as for my whole 40 outfits, 40 days thing .. it failed, miserably. I've been working my butt off lately and I finally got my life back, but I wasn't able to take pictures every single day. So, I give up. However, I'm going to make more posts now! At least everyday, hopefully ;)

So, I am about to post one on junior prom, since it is really important and I need to start shopping for a dress! AHH!