Saturday, March 12, 2011

Meaningless post..

So whatever, I lack with the posts, I know. But you guys don't understand my life at the moment.
But, I'm trying. Although I don't have pictures, I have a story for you all. So, you guys know about my pure hatred for Torrid because of how overpriced they are? Well, I don't necessarily them, I just wish they weren't so expensive because their clothes aren't all too nice to begin with. Well, when I was in Albany a couple of weeks ago, I stopped by a Torrid and fell in love all over again. Despite being in between sizes because of losing weight, so I was nervous about wearing clothes down a size but everything went so well. I got back into a Torrid size 2 which made me super ecstatic! Grant it, I bought three shirts and it was like 100 bucks, but ugh so worth it! I'll take a picture over the course of this week, they were adorable and I love the shirts <3 One I haven't worn yet because it's pretty tight, but I've been losing weight and hopefully, this'll be the week that I debut it!

Then, I went shopping again. I was in the neighborhood and stopped at the Riverhead Outlets where they had a Lane Bryant Outlet. Lane Bryant, I know...really? But no, I remembered that they had a Loop 18 store in there which is like the teen version of Lane Bryant! We all know that LB is even more expensive than Torrid, but I was lucky to find out that everything in the Loop 18 store was 50% off so I bought three shirts. I'm going to try and stop by there soon because I want dress pants, but yeah. So Loop 18 was actually pretty decent, the clothes were pretty cute!

But I have to go to bed, hope you all don't be too tired when you wake up. Happy lose an hour of sleep night or whatever, lolz. I have work at 8am tomorrow..totes perf! Bye!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Sorry that the add came out so crappy...this is my life. BUTTTTT IN OTHER NEWS. City Chic, AKA THE BEST STORE EVER, is offering us 20 BUCKS OFF. I said it, 20 dollars off all jeans! Especially as Spring is finally arriving, we need to pack up on our skinny jeans and capris and shorts, everything denim!

Soooooo, to get a hold of this amazing deal, just go to and buy as much as your heart desires!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Okay, I'm a failure

I'm aware of this. However, I just finished my college auditions/scholarship stuff. So, I'm trying to get back into the habit of taking pictures/posting.

I'm really tired though and mad sick. I have to go to bed because this Nyquil is kicking in.
Bye :(