Friday, September 3, 2010

With school almost beginning..

Just want to stop by and let you understand how hectic it's been. I just got back from my brother's college orientation, I'm still working my butt off. But, luckily school is about to begin and you know what that means! SHOPPING FOR CLOTHES.

Because I'm a "working girl," I am using all the money I've gotten from my birthday (which was the 24th of August), which isn't much, so when I get clothes, I'm sure the post'll be great. I feel like I can't really update without new clothes because I wear basically the same thing everyday. However, with school beginning, I will, hopefully, be wearing something different everyday ;)

On our way home from Siena (Albany area), there was a Marshall's and being that my mom and I are obsessed with Marshall's, we stopped by and the women's dept. was actually pitiful, as usual. Tricked ya there ;) But I found a cute pair of jeans and a shirt. And of course, the only shirt I got had the "juniors plus" sticker on it. So, I went into the Junior's dept. and scoped out some stuff and although I didn't get anything, I somehow fit my fat ass into the XL. I'm like a size 20 and the XL was alright on my stomach area, but not on my arms. I hate my fat arms.

Anyways, I'm seeing Wicked next Sunday in the city for my birthday. I can't wait, seriously. I'm going to absolutely melt, GET IT? ahahhahahahha yayyyayayaya so cleverrrrr. Incase you don't know, Wicked is like what happened before The Wizard of Oz, like with the witches. I think, ha. I am too scared to google the plot because I don't want to find out the ending. Anyways, hope to be catching up with you guys soon. Miss you <3