Monday, September 27, 2010

Cardigan Craziness: Monday

I've been thinking about what to post on here, especially since I haven't been that well of a blogger. Sorry, again, for the lack of posts. So, I got bored and decided I was going to wear cardigans all week - 5 days of school, 5 cardigans. I just wanted to do it to show how versatile they really are and how they really are the best thing everrrr! Hahaha, okay so today is Monday. This shirt, I bought at Marshalls (where else?) for 15 bucks. The capris were 20 bucks, also from Marshall's. My cardigan I got like two years ago at Torrid, so about 35 bucks, I'm assuming.

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Now, I really like this outfit because it's actually really simple to do. It's too cold to wear a sleeveless tank with ruffles, especially since I don't like showing my pale arms, so putting a cardigan on makes it available for other seasons as well as makes me feel comfortable.
Tank: Chiffon Flutter Ruffles Top; $17.80 (Faith 21)
Ivory Lace-Trimmed Cropped Cardigan; $34.00 (Torrid)
Capris: Roll Cuff Capri; $21.99 (Wet Seal)

^^Note: I can't find the exacts, but I'm giving you something. Incase you can't see in the picture, the cardigan has a couple of little ruffles, so that's why I put it with the tank. :)
So yeah, that's for today. Hope you enjoy it! If the cardigan wasn't from Torrid, I bet my outfit would have been like under 60 bucks! Boo torrid ;) Lol, jk, but the Torrid cardigans last me forever, never had a problem with them. Enjoy! See ya tomorrow!