Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Jeans are not my friends, I guess

So, I made a post a couple months ago about how my Torrid pants completely ripped, like completely. Hahaha. Guess what happened today?

I was sitting at the vet's office with my puppy and I went to get up and a nail was sticking out from the chair and now my butt has a hole in it, ahahha. It's minimal, but it still annoys me. And these were my favorite pair of jeans, they were from Rainbow, $20.

But I'm actually kind of happy, cause that means I need to go shopping because my other Rainbow pair of jeans are worn out cause they're not as strong as a normal pair, but for the price and the look, I'm thrilled. :)

But I got an email from Alloy, explaining how they have a HUGE sale on their clearance items. I want so many of them, I think I might ask my mom to check out the site, just cause I really like their clothes. I've never ordered from them, so my mom might complain. I WISH I HAD MONEY/CREDIT CARD.

That's all for today, bye <3