Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Shoe Breakthrough ;)

So, I have step one complete in my Jr. Prom, I found the dress. Now, hair, makeup, shoes, mani/pedis; so much to do, not enough time! Luckily, I came through to a 'shoe breakthrough,' oh! I knew you guys would like my title, ahhaha.

Here is the shoe:
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How cute?! Ahhhhh! But here's the problem, it's MAD expensive. At Macy's, it's $89, here's the Macy's site. But here's the win, I've seen this pair of shoes at both TJ Maxx and Marshalls, for the price of $50! But aren't these simply adorable? It's so simple, but the bow just adds so much. I NEED THEM.

I'm going to Marshalls tomorrow to try and get a pair or find a store with it in my size 'cause my mom said they only had a silver 11 there. Oh, btw there are a lot of different colors it comes in. But you guys should check out the Paris Hilton line, her shoes are really really cute, I wish I was rich enough to get all ;)


Envy Chic said...

Those shoes are way too cute, especially the bow detail. Glad you found them at such a bargain. Happy shopping.

Fatshion Forward said...

I love your style, check out the blog award I gave you (: