Thursday, April 22, 2010

Just got my Prom dress today!

..and Dream Diva told me it would take 10 work days to ship from Australia to New York! I ordered it on Sunday, it came on Thursday. I'm so happy, you don't even understand. I got home and automatically tried it on, it looks just like it in the picture, except even cuter!

The one warning I have is that the material that is tight around the chest, the sparkly section of it, it is STRETCHY. I was so nervous about ordering a 22, which is a 20 in US sizes. I was having trouble with dresses at the bridal store fitting in a 20, but I guess that was just cause the sizing can be off on some dresses.

But it fits very well, it isn't tight at all, nor is it that loose. It is a little loose, but I was wearing a shirt that like smooshed the twins, so they weren't as big as normal. :P But I'm very excited now, I really was nervous about the fit.

Now knowing the product and site, I would tell people to maybe order a size down, just because it is stretchy. So, might as well have it fit the right way than have it loose. :) Btw, if you forgot, this was my dress.


Moya2bean said...

Wow prom! u gotta post ur dresss :)

Jen said...

I loooove them! And they do look like my shoes! Great post and I miss your blog and commenting too :)