Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Faith 21's Birthday!

I know that I'm kind of late on this, but I saw that recently, it was Faith 21's birthday. It had been a year since they started their line and I'm not gonna lie, I love the stuff on their site. I am ANTICIPATING the moment until they open up Faith in one of the malls nearby my house. They opened one up in Nassau county, but that's way too far to make my mom drive out so I can get clothes.

But I'm waiting, ughhh. I love Faith so much, you don't even understand. The clothing there has just gotten better and better, I see myself adding basically everything on the page to my wish list, then frowning at the sight of how many items are in my wish list and how my paycheck will probably only cover 2 out of the everything I want ;).

Regardless, Happy Belated Birthday, Faith. I love you, keep the work coming. AND ADD A 4X.

Miss you all, waiting for my mom to fix my computer, ugh.


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