Wednesday, August 3, 2011

OOTD: Well, sort of.

As long as the mucus continues to build up in my nose, I won't be looking any cute. So I found this photo on my camera from orientation, so I might as well just post it. Let me tell you, if I was feeling well today, it would be my outfit!

The only bust with it is that it is the exact shirt as yesterday. Well, basically. It is the shirt I recommended for you guys to buy because the shirt from yesterday's OOTD wasn't available on City Chic anymore.

Whatever. Don't hate me. I'm so dead, you have no idea. Anywhoooooooo I need to stop bitching. Leggo.

Okay, not my best looking day either. It was brutally hot at orientation and I was sweating balls. But yay, outfit! I'm wearing shorts that I got at Marshalls for like 15 bucks and I was able to get my shirt for free from City Chic because they wanted me to review some of their clothes.

Me being the retard I am, I decided to just buy two of the exact same shirts because I know that if one shirt looked good on me, so will the other. Lol, I know. Who am I? Well whatever, I got two pretty shirts with ruffles. I love this one even more than my red one though because it has sequins on it! I know you can't see it from the distance, but on the edges of the ruffles, there are sequins. Yayaya, I love it.

Similar to the other shirt from yesterday, you can dress it to a nice night out by pairing it with some cute heels or just chill at orientation in it, it's a great shirt for anything. A+! Just wish the fabric was better because if you actually have to pay for it, it's 38 dollars. Click here to see it, it's called the Beaded Frill Top and it's from City Chic.

I'm going to go take a shot of Nyquil and go to sleep forever. Byeeee!