Tuesday, August 2, 2011

OOTD: And I'm not lying!

Finally! The moment you've all been waiting for..AN OUTFIT POST!

Sorry for the lack lately, I got really sick. Like on my deathbed sick, but I need money for college, so I kept working..which didn't help my sickness. I'm temporarily recovering, lol. Thanks for not giving up on me, ahaha.

This isn't really my 'Outfit of the Day;' I'm currently wearing gym clothes right now. (yea yea just got my swell on). But uh, this was an outfit that I got from City Chic. They asked me to model something from their site, so yeah. Me being the girl who I am, I chose ruffles <3 And fire engine red.

Not going to lie, the shirt was made of "chinsey" fabric, as quoted by my mom. It's like a small step above Forever 21 fabric, lol. But unlike Forever 21, they're really expensive. Luckily, I used a coupon code and got like 30% off of something. Originally, it is 38 bucks.

Here are some other pictures of me in it so you can see more of the fabric. The shirt is really cute, you can use dress it up or down, I love it regardless of the material/price.

I couldn't find the exact shirt online anymore, but the Beaded Frill Top is similar, but in white or purple with beads on it, obviously lol. It's $38 bucks and YOU CAN CLICK THIS LINK TO SEE IT.

But yeah, overall it's a great shirt. I've gotten so many compliments on it; every time I wear it, the positive comments come pouring in. So give me your comments, positive or negative.