Saturday, July 23, 2011

Loop 18's Out of the Loop

Lawlz, get it? Like, "out of the loop?" I think we can all agree that Loop 18 has it's work cut out for them. I've been to the Lane Bryant outlet and have personally shopped at Loop 18. Despite Lane Bryant's expensive prices, Loop 18 was really cheap. They were, luckily, having a humongous sale and I bought 2 shirts and a jacket. Most of their prints are pretty ugly, not going to lie. But I have received compliments on my clothes I bought from them.

To say the least, they aren't there just yet. We just gotta believe, I'm confident that Loop 18 will become a pretty good plus sized store. It's hard to start up a new brand, so let's give them some more time.

My one complaint though is that the shirt I have is kind of crappy. I didn't really wear it that much and it started deteriorating. No holes or anything (thank god), but it got like old looking really quickly. And the military jacket I have, it's buttons fell off. There were these cute buttons on the elbows and they fell off easily. I was laying on the couch at my friend's house once and the second time, I walked off the bus and walked into the door (lol). Still though. AND they didn't even include extra buttons just incase. I was really mad, not going to lie. It's really cute. But I look pretty ghetto with a safety pin holding the elbow cuff things together haha.

Here are some clothes that I kinda/sorta like. Lol.

From Left to Right

1. Strapless Cotton Dress, $48.96 (on sale)
2. Cropped Dress Pants, $25.99 (on sale)
3. Glitter Tee, $26.99
4. Lace Back Emma Top, $29.99 (on sale)

Yeah. So like 2 out of 5 stars for me. Get Better, Loop 18. I'll help you! Lol.


Thyreast Pinckney said...

Although I am nowhere near Loop 18's target market (not old, but older...sigh...), I must agree with you. In fact, I've not been happy with the majority of LB's stuff since they were bought by Charming Shoppes. That was back in, what, 2001 or 2002? Every once in a while I get pleasantly surprised, but mostly I leave the store or the websites with the sad face. still holding out hope though. there was a time where my entire closet was LB and Ashley Stewart (mostly LB). Miss those days!

Anonymous said...

Very lovely and fashionable plus size clothing collection. It would be great to check them out.