Tuesday, July 20, 2010

So, again with my lack of updates explanation

I've been promising more outfits! And I haven't given them because in short, I wear no new clothes. I walk around five days a week in my McDonald's uniform and the other two days are spent me walking around the house, sleeping. Work is killing my life, but I'm really trying to update and have been failing, horribly.

And is anyone trying out for the Torrid Model House of Dreams model search?!
If so, tell me and I want pictures! I'm not signing up, but when I have some days off and actual strength to move, I'll do everything I need to do for this site. I feel like such a tool for not, but I'm so sorry, my shifts are form 3-11pm, like right in the middle of the day to late at night. And when I have off, I make up for my lost hours of sleep cause when I get out of work, I am bouncing off the walls. :/

Love/miss you all!