Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Outfit post :)

Slowly but surely, I'm coming back.
So, on my day off, I went in my pool then went to my friend's house before going to a Met game. I had to run home to get my charger for my cell phone and decided to take a picture of my outfit. I know, my hair looks gorgeous, it was post pool ;)

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They are the same white worn out shorts that I've had since ninth grade, if you were to buy a pair, I'd choose either the White Distressed Denim Short or the White Tina Short (this one is on clearance ;D) And as for the top, I got it last year and it isn't on the site. As we all know, this was during my Torrid shopping spree, cause it was basically the only store I knew about for a while. Black Crocheted Lace Neck Top is the closest to what it is, but without the band on the bottom. I like the band on the bottom, it hugs your figure :) But as most fat girls, I hate having my arms sticking out, so I don't wear it that much, although it's adorable. Another post coming for tomorrow! :) I miss comments!