Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Snow Day

So today, I have a snow day ... probably so does like everyone else in the New York. But you know what that means ... PAJAMAZ ALL DAY. Lulz, so yeah. I don't have any outfit posts, I was supposed to go see Phantom of the Opera today in the city for a field trip, but it got rescheduled, so I don't have a cute outfit now (unless you think my jets jersey and mets pj pants are cute).

But I have a question, I want anyone's input on it! Now, my page for my site is mad boring, but I don't understand how to edit it to make it look really really good. Does anyone know anybody or are you good at decorating blogs cause mine is just ugh, not inviting. I want my blog to be SIZZLINGG HOT, not how it is right now. But if anyone can give me tips, I don't know, just save me, I'd do anythinggg!

Comment on this pleasee, please!


Seamyst said...

I have experience with HTML and CSS! I can't do fancy graphics, but I do have an eye for color.

So with that in mind, I'd recommend at least jazzing up the site colors a bit. Change the gray background to something a little brighter - spring colors, like yellow and pale green, would be awesome to pull us all out of the winter blahs. Change your font to something different than Ariel/Helvetica. Maybe redo your banner to feature your own pics instead of models. If you can, I'd also change your profile photo to one that's a little brighter.