Thursday, February 11, 2010

Macy's Junior Plus!

So, Macy's. We've all heard of the store, even if you're not from the US. While doing my routine google search for plus size teen clothing, I passed by the Macy's site. When I saw Macy's, I thought of old clothing, unstylish, bland, and just 'meh' clothing. However, when I checked out the site, I was surprised. The clothes aren't half bad, some are actually cute. Also, most of the shirts are available in different colors, which helps some of us whose wardrobe includes just black. Here are some of the stuff I picked out, yeah.

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While strolling to the dresses, I saw some cute sundresses and going out dresses, since I was pressed for time, I just grabbed a few to show you.

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1. $79.00, Sleeveless Charmeuse with Belt
2. $48.30, Cap Sleeve Empire Waist Dot Skirt
3. $89.00, Sleeveless Embellished Empire Waist
4. $34.80, Colorblocked Stud Neckline Empire Waist

Note: I looked up these clothes about a week ago and I noticed that they have added more pieces. Also, if you're going to prom/jr. prom, they have a section available for more formal dresses here.

Although pricey, the clothes seem to be pretty good material and are actually somewhat cute. Kudos to Macy's!


Tiffany said...

Nice collection.

Jen said...

This is great, they are wonderful quality on the most part :)