Monday, February 8, 2010

ASOS Curve

So, on all of the other fatshion blogs, I've noticed all the gossip around ASOS's new line, Curve. And as you guessed, it's for curvy women. I've read so many reviews and they're all pretty positive, with the clothing being good material, fitting well, cute looks, and reasonable prices and shipping to the US.

With all these good reviews, I decided to follow the crowd and check out the site and there and behold, good clothes! I took my favorites and made a collage, somewhat, with the pictures so check it out.

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The clothes are adorable, I've seen them features on YFF and they look absolutely adorable on her! I wish they would send me free clothes too, haha.

At the moment, my number one is the Blue Coat, it's just the cutest thing ever. In the picture above, it looks kind of boring, but if you go to YFF and see her wearing it, it's just ahhh! I want the Blazer seced, I have been dying for a blazed forever, I need it! I just wanna say look at the Jeans and the Jeggings, can you tell the difference?! They even have pockets and straps for your belt in the jeggings, how cool is that??

BTDUBZ: The sizes go up to UK26 which is about a US24. So yeah, be aware :).


Lodi said...

I love some pieces a lot, I ordered the blue coat and the white dress, cause I have no white one! :)

Hope you'll get the chance to buy your favourite pieces, too! :)

Tiffany said...

I prefer the Wet Seal entry.There clothing is more trendy and age approiate.

Carly said...

Tiffany, I completely agree! They're also cheaper, which is a large plus. But I'm guessing since the price is cheap, the clothing material isn't that well. I've just been dying for a blazer ever since I was like 4, my mom wears her's all the time and I always wanted to be just like her. :P Lol.

But na, I'm in the process of searching for plus size TEEN clothing, but this is the closest I could get. :( WAH!