Saturday, February 13, 2010

Senior Prom Brahzzz

As many of you know, I'm only in 11th grade, so I haven't been to prom yet. This year, I'm going to junior prom; well hopefully, if I find a dress. But, many of my friends are going to prom and are talking about dresses already, so I think this is a good time to do this blog. Many plus sized girls are going to have trouble finding a dress for prom, trust me. So, I decided to try and make your search easier :)

Here's what I came up with:

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1. $269.00, Simply Sublime - available in two colors sizes 12-44
2. $318.00, Nika Plum Evening Dresses - available in 3 colors, sizes 0 -30
3. $278.00, Celebrity Inspired Criss-Cross Gowns - available in 2 colors, sizes 12 -24
4. $278.00, Red Sexy Plus Size Prom Gowns - available in 1 color, sizes 12 -22
5. $85.99, Pleated Strapless Rhinestone Brooch - available in 11 colors, sizes 0-18
6. $318.00, Purple Evening Gowns by Nika - available in 3 colors, sizes 0-30
7. $189.00, Satin Halter Reptile Print Trumpet Dress - available in 1 color, sizes 2-18
8. $99.00, One-Shoulder Gown - available in 1 color, sizes 1-17

Note: I was wandering through the sites quickly, I tried to get something from every site quickly before I passed out. I'm sure if you check more for yourself, you will find many more dresses which look better. There's much more stuff out there than what I found :)

My one tip for prom is:
Don't wear those dresses with openings in the back or sides. I remember last year, I helped my best friend shop for dresses and there was a plus sized girl trying on a dress and because of the openings, you could see her rolls. The dress was gorgeous, it just wasn't for her. But honestly, I wouldn't be comfortable showing my rolls to everyone, lol.

Here are some places you can shop at for dresses, I only looked at 2 websites, I'm sure there's more stuff, you just got to check bbyz! (alphabetical order)
Don't forget, ladies, wear what YOU want to wear. This is your night to shine, you went through four stressful years at stupid high school and you deserve to look your best, no matter what! Remember, you're gorgeous and there will be a dress for you ... promise! Good luck! Hope this helped!


Jen said...

I am in love with #3 :)

DrDavon said...

oh prom, those where the days : ) my prom dress was horrible, i didn't feel pretty at all, its good to see that there are so many options these days : ) I really like number eight

lisa said...

Prom dresses are so much more fabulous then they were when I went to prom in the nineties. I'm partial to dresses 2-3 (I posted them & eDressMe in my Oscar blog yesterday) and I think both would look really great with your dark hair!

dora said...

ooh. this year i'm a senior! it's funny see you talking about prom dresses already, because here, in brazil, school just started. my prom, it's only in december! lol.
but, i looove #2, #6 and #8.
xo xo, dora.