Thursday, July 21, 2011

My Torrid Affair With Torrid

So we all know I shop at Torrid. It's, what I believe tobe, the most accessible for me. Does that make sense? Despite the fact that I always get annoyed with Torrid now and then regarding prices/quality, I love them.

If I didn't find a Torrid, I wouldn't be the person I am today. Iused to wear t-shirts and like gym shorts to school everyday and NEVER wore anything fashionable because I couldn't fit into anything. I used to go to Kohl's or something with my mom and couldn't fit into the clothing and I would just cry in the dressing rooms. I'm not even kidding, I hated going shopping and my mom did too. And when she would take me into the Women's sections, I would cry even more because the clothes are nothing like what the people in school wear. You know what I mean though? I just wanted to dress like everyone else dressed at school and couldn't because I didn't know of any store.
One day, I was in a different mall and we passed a Torrid. My mom said we should check it out and it was amazing. Clothing actually fit me and I was so excited to actually wear something nice and I felt confident, for once. I didn't need to hide behind a sweatshirt or anything. And from then on, Torrid has been the store that I've gone to for anything and everything.

Here are some cute clothes!
From Right to Left

3. Pewter Ruffle Gladiator Sandals, $19.99 (on sale)

The amazing thing about torrid is that they have EVERYTHING. From clothes to shoes to accessories, you can purchase everything you need for an outfit. And even though they're expensive, they have sales a lot.

I love you, Torrid.