Sunday, July 3, 2011

I got a Mac!

Yay for college! So now that I have a mac, I'll probably be able to blog more often since I have access to a computer more often. But this will just be me talking about my feelings and how annoyed I am over everything.

On a positive note, I got my second hole pierced! I really want to get my cartilage pierced, but I can't do it at Claire's, haha. Soo I just went for my second hole. Yay! It doesn't hurt that badly, if any of you were wondering. It was just a really hard pinch. Like it hurts more afterwards than anything, it's just throbbing a lot lol.

I haven't really gone shopping in a while. I had prom and that was a lot of money, so I haven't received much shopping moolah from my mother, unfortunately. However, City Chic has been extremely nice and has let me review some clothes so I'm so thankful for them! Legitimately, I wouldn't have half of my summer clothes if it wasn't for them. I wore a dress to graduation from CC and I have two tops from them too. I want the whole site, ugh, it's horrible.

My weightloss has come to an halt. I'm so busy and I wish I could work out more, but I'm so tired. I work at my job 7-3 (40 hours a week) and then chill until like 5/6 and then go out with my friends until 12 and then work again at 7. I know I could work out in that 3-5/6 time zone but ugh, I'm so tired. Don't be mad. I'll try still, just give me support! hahaha

Just wait from my prom post, I have stories for all of you. Lol, seriously. Prom. Haha. Omg. What a joke.

I'll probably post later because I'm tired tonight and am just going to stay in. Happy July everyone! Be safe tomorrow!