Saturday, December 11, 2010

So I'm going to kill City Chic right now..

Okay, so I sign up to receive all these email notifications on sales and stuff for all these plus size retailers because I like to know when there's a good deal. And I ALWAYS get stuff from City Chic, who I love like crazy. And I opened up my email and browsed the site and am like about to cry because they have the cutest clothes in the world.

For once in my life, I don't want to buy a black shirt! City Chic actually has cute clothes that look very nice on plus sized girls that aren't the color black and it is really freaking inspiring. However, the clothes I like are like 60 bucks per shirt. Which is seriously killing me. If I was to buy two shirts, that'd be my 25 hours of work, which isn't fair. I know I've had a crazy obsession with City Chic lately, but I just have been looking at the site and absolutely adoring everything.

City Chic is, by far, my favorite plus size store in the world. I said it, yup! I've never bought anything from there (yet), but I love their clothes so much. Torrid charges too much and doesn't deliver on style, Forever 21+ is just too slow and doesn't go any larger than a 3x which in Forever 21 language is like an 18 and all other stores don't really appeal to me that well. I want to marry City Chic, but they're too expensive for my taste. Someone please buy me a city chic gift card for christmas! Pleaseeee!