Sunday, February 21, 2010

Numero cinqueee!

So today, it was Sunday. Which means I am doing nothing, so I repeat outfits normally 'cause I just go to church and that's it .. no one really sees me. But because yesterday, I didn't post a picture, I decided to dress kind of nice today :).

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Top: $38.00, Torrid
Undershirt: $14.97, White Bow-Front Cami (Torrid)
Jeans: $19.99, Rainbow
Lol at the bottom picture, I was giving a kiss to my ten followers, ahaha :)

Overall, the outfit is easy. It's quick to put together and is so adorable, when I first wore it, I got so many compliments from teachers to students and everyone in between. It is comfortable, has great colors in it, and the design is so cute. You can wear it with any color undershirt, I just only have a white and black one and was feeling white today .. so yeah. Jeans are amazing and the cami is simply adorable, I love the bow!