Friday, February 19, 2010

Day 3 :)

So, today I spent most of my day in the house because I was upset to find out that I am probably not visiting my friend at BU this weekend and after the gym, I just watched Lifetime movies while doing my mom's hair.

When I picked up my phone off the washer machine, where I left it about 7 hours ago, I found my inbox flooded with texts about how my best friend is having a party and I should come. Now, I don't drink, I just bring some ice tea with me and sip on that while everyone else makes a fool of themselves. Being that my friend told me he was going to pick me up around 7:30 and it was 7, I quickly took a shower and threw on something last minute. Hair is a mess, but I fell asleep on the couch before I took this ahaha

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Top: $38.00 (guess), Torrid
Bottoms: $19.99, Rainbow

I prob look disgusting wearing the same jeans as yesterday, but I bought two pairs cause they look so good :). True story! But yeah, 3 days down, only 37 more to go!