Sunday, July 17, 2011

My Life

My life has become progressively more and more pathetic. I wake up in the morning and work. Then I go on my computer and stare at clothes that I wish I could buy if I was rich. But I'm poor. And my life sucks. I'm listening to Shut Up & Drive right now and I'm getting really annoyed. One second.

Okay, I had to change the song. Fucking Pandora. Okay this song is annoying me too. I'm kinda in a crappy mood right now because my best friend won't hang out with me tonight. He was at the beach for like 342534 hours and now doesn't wanna go out. Ugh. And a bunch of my friends are on vacation. #soalone.

But I don't know how to put photos onto my mac, ugh. I feel so un-intellectual. Is that even a word? But on the fashion POV, Torrid has pretty cute clothing right now! I'm actually getting excited. I'm scrolling through their 'New Arrivals' as I type. Okay, maybe it's not that nice, but still. They're getting better!

I'll post later. I'm annoyed by this song too. Sorry. Pointless Post. Alliteration. Bye.