Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Today is a snow day. I'd normally would want to go to school just to have an extra day off during Memorial Day, but this was much needed. I needed the extra sleep and time to do all the stuff I've needed to do for a while and haven't been able to accomplish. I'm still currently in my pajamas ('s 2PM lol), but I'm going to take a shower and see The Black Swan (for a second time) with my mom. It's going to be so awkward when she fingers herself/has a lesbian sex scene with my mom sitting right next to me. Not looking forward to that. If you're going to the movies soon and haven't saw it, I would recommend it, it's different. Anywho, in the midst of my day off, I browsed the internet for some clothes I really like and want to buy but am too poor to buy it. Doing so, I came across a site that I've never really checked out and I really think you all should! It's called eshakti and does wonderful things to their customers. I was most impressed with what I learned from the site...

They can (get this) customize the style of the clothes you choose. Like say you like a shirt and am planning on going to the Bahamas for a winter vacation and you came across these GORGEOUS long sleeved shirt that you thought would look great. But who wants to sweat in the Bahamas? Not me. You can just tell them and they can change it - short sleeved, no sleeved, whatever! They do custom changes of the sleeve, neckline, and length all for us customers! And your custom clothes are shipped in 3 days, how legit! They also have sizes form 0-6X, 6X!!! And it's not like the typical store where they have clothes up to a high size that are really unappealing, they actually have nice clothes. And many of their clothes are offered in different colors.

Wait, hold up. SO I DON'T HAVE TO WEAR BLACK EVERYDAY? Like I'm really trying to get out of my black habit, like I can't go to my friends and be like "hey look, I got a new shirt" and they're always like "it looks liek the one you wore yesterday." Cause a black shirt is a black shirt, even if you're color blind. So, it sucks. Mind this, they're a little expensive, but to customize your orders for you, we should be paying them more. If you went to the cleaners and had them add/cut stuff off your clothes, you'd be paying way too much to begin with. So seriously, check out now.



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