Saturday, February 6, 2010


so, my twitter is down because I joined way too many people in a short period of time (lol). so as i wait for them to unsuspend (?) my account, I really don't want to update because no one checks my stuff right now.

no offense to my 6 followers, i know you are DESPERATELY waiting for my next post ... sarcasm.
But legit, I can't advertise my blog, twitter was my only idea. So until my twitter is up, I will be preparing posts, I just won't post them.

It's been a week without my twitter, I'm dying. (fashiondatfits) <- that's the name. :)

Until then, I'll miss you guys, I just wanna bloggggg and tweet!! :(


Lodi said...

ya, i was wondering... all of a sudden your account was gone! :P

PLUS i can't read the direct messages we sent eachother anymore... :S

I keep my fingers crossed that they unblock your account asap! :)